My first grow dairy

So unfortunately I did not think of creating a grow dairy before I was about half way into my first grow. I only realized I need to start keeping record of what is happening after I had already pushed 7 plant into flower (well 5 anyway, 2 turned out to be males). and to push 2 back into vegging.

So now I have 3 plants in flower and two that need to start re-vegging.

I also have 3 Autoflowers busy germinating and 12 bagseed seedlings, and I have 2 CBD clones on the way as well. 22 plants in 5 different stages of growth.

Luckily I took enough photo’s to be able to build me a grow dairy of the past and to start making my life a little more organized.

Here is m very first photo:

Try nr 2

As you can see from the caption – this was my second try. Of the 9 seeds that I started with in my first try only the 1 in the small bucket survived.

H2O2 Damage

Of my first try 4 died of damping. So on the second try I doused the seedlings with Hydrogen peroxide. this unfortunately led to damaged on my first leaves – but the plants stayed alive.

Still thriving

I had bought some Fem seeds from a local breeder, but of my girl Scout cookies seeds I had only had 1 that germinated, the rest just never popped. And that seed turned out to be male. What you pay for is what you get, so I do not think I will go cheap again, at least not with seeds.

Still no joy

Below is one of the reasons why a dairy must be kept. On day 22 I decided to replant to larger containers and as you can see the plant had started filling the cup. Luckily it is not yet solidly root-bound, but I was cutting it close.

Root Bound
Root Bound

Around the same time I confirmed that my very first surviving plant is male as well as my GSC and one of my bagseeds. You can just spot the pollen sack in the circle

Male pollen sack

It is hard to believe that the below photo was taken 7 days after the re-potting . The plants simply exploded with growth, both in lenght and in width.

Happiness after re-potting

So now I had 5 confirmed females. All growing nicely. All of them being pushed into flower by moving them into 12/12 light.

Bored I decided to grab some more bagseed and see how many I can get germinated and keep alive by now. of the twelve I had 8 push trough the soil after only 3 days. 3 more were out by the end of day 3 and the fourth only arrived 5 days later

One left

That lonesome soldier decided to only show up on day 8. At that stage I had decided to put them all in the cheapest, most readily pots available – Plastic bottles!!

And now we are here:

I have replanted 2 of my 5 into big fabric pots and they are left in the sun to start re-vegging. Want to grow some big babies. The other 3 are still in 12/12 and they are starting to flower.