Cannabis roots

My mystery bag-seed is on day 20. They have been stretching their roots in the new bottle pots for 15 days and the root development is incredible. I have tap roots already touching the bottom. In fact they are searching for soil outside of the bottle.

Root coming out has dried of
Root searching for soil.

This makes me wonder how tightly packed the roots in my flowering buckets are packet. Luckily they are still busy building buds and looking very good, so I have no worries as of yet.

At least I know my two big babies will have enough space until I harvest in May. Those 50 L fabric bags will not only give them space to grow, but the roots will trim themselves when they reach the fabric sides.

The re-veg has started in all earnest and you can see the strange growth on the two plants. My Lemon Haze is making some strange node growths and the leaves on my Swazi are going smooth.

Lemon Haze Swazi