A helping hand for Chenè

I have never seen a small group of people pull together so fast to assist a “Whatsapp contact”

I am part of a small Whatsapp group for growers here in South Africa. All remote friends with a few people that have met face to face.

Just after I joined one of the members shared that his 11 y/o daughter is going receive Chemo treatment for Leukemia.

The treatment went as well as could be expected and thing were looking up.

Three days ago he got news that the cancer has returned.

This was the result

Support for Chenè

The group admins joined forces with the business that were part of the group and a raffle was arranged to help with the families expenses.

If you are looking to start growing, or if you are already growing, take a look at the three prize bundles on offer. Buy a ticket for one of them, buy a ticket for each of them, hell buy 10 tickets for each draw – It is in support of a great cause and the prizes are excellent

Simply click on the flyer that catches your fancy and help us help this little lady.