Grow Update

It’s about time I give you another update.

Lemon Haze – LST
Swazi – LST

My two big babies are looking great and I am now getting impatient for flowering to start. I still need to do a last bit of Low Stress Training on them and then its waiting for those buds to start forming.

Stress Killer Auto

RQS Stress Killer is about a week away from harvest according to the breeder’s timeline. However there is still a lot of white pistols and the trichomes still need to get a lot more dense

GSC – Fem

GSC or Girl Scout Cookies – I am very excited about this little one. She has been topped and the top 4 branches are pulled down. She is looking goood, but still a way to go before I push her into flower

My bonsai project has started. All off the largest leaves have been trimmed and some serious LST has happened. I will bend the tip in some more so she grows almost in a circle and then allow her to start growing upwards

Bagseed playthings

I planted 12 seeds in a mixture of Just Cannabis craft soil and normal potting soil. There were definitely some serious deficiencies and 4 of the 12 turned out hermies. Another got pollinated by the hermies so I pulled her – She had a incredible smell, so I hope these follow in her footsteps.

I have also put together a grow box in my garage – As soon as it is completely done I will give you a nice description of what I did.